Lleon Group

About Us

We exist to exert a positive influence

LLEON GROUP is an investment company with a philosophy oriented towards the diversification of industries and geographies.

Lleon Group

We exist to exert a positive influence



Lleon Group offers operational and financial strategic solutions

Across the world, on a continued mission to deliver the best partnerships and solutions for our clients.




And with a focus on value creation, we support our clients in diverse sectors and in all phases of the business cycle.



We believe in long-lasting relationships

And in the value of each and every one of our partnerships.

Our Aproach

The types of companies that matches our strategy are more likely to be analysed through their business model than by industry. LLEON Group puts great emphasis on companies with market leadership capabilities, operating consistency, financially with solid EBITDA margins and steady free cash flow conversions.

We also seek opportunities in which there is a clear ability to drive improvement in the business through organic growth, development of new products/services, operating initiatives, industry consolidation and long-horizon investments supporting the expansion of the business.

LLEON Group has the capacity to provide significant long-term capital, and bring together the right resources and partners to create the ideal structure for each opportunity.

No less important, our structure allows us to validate deals quickly and efficiently.

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